Belgium is a small European country with a big influence on the world of food. While we continue to tap into the culinary resources of this area, we have been inspired to bring you delicious, deep-pocket waffles with Belgian origins.
They say that Belgians eat waffles as a dessert, often sold by street vendors. Since they were brought to New York at the World’s Fair in 1964, Americans have adopted them as a sweet breakfast food. Why choose one?

Hudson’s Recommendation:
These waffles are wonderful with butter and syrup, or use those deep pockets to hold ice cream, raspberries and chocolate sauce, or fruit and crème anglaise. Get creative and have some fun!
100% Vermont Maple Syrup - 1.7 Fl Oz
Grade A Medium Amber
100% Vermont Maple Syrup - 8 Fl Oz
Grade A Medium Amber
Belgian Waffles
Large pockets and crisp ridges embrace your favorite toppings, such as crème fraîche, kiwi, mango, and berries.