The Carribbean has a wonderfully unique culture that has developed as a blend of native, European,and African heritages.
What would the dream of an island vacation be without the excitement of the exotic, flavorful foods of this region?

Hudson’s Recommendation:
Enjoy our freshly frozen shrimp, glazed with Tropical Citrus Glaze. Add some pineapple wedges, Jasmine Rice, and a tangy Margarita, and you have a meal worthy of a beach-side cafe.
Premium Margarita Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mix
a perfect mix of lemon and lime that promises a refreshingly tart drink. On the rocks or blended it is sure to cool on a summer day (or just remind you of one!).
Premium Strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita Non-alcoholic Cocktail Mix
A luscious strawberry refreshment named after a tropical Cuban beach that is sure to bring you to paradise, even if your passport is out of date.
Premium Pina Colada Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mix
There’s nothing like the flavor of coconut to bring the taste of the tropics to any corner of the world.
Tropical Citrus Heat - Glaze for Grilling & Baking
A sweet and spicy island flavor perfect for grilling with seafood, chicken, and even vegetables!